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This is a blog about different types of software development and windows system administration tricks, tuts and other helpful stuff.

Securing PowerShell app with Obsidium

In a previous post I had described my experience of building my own toolkit for collecting various windows logs. In today's blog post I decided to have a sneak peek about my choice of using Obsidium Software Protection Application in order to make someone's life more difficult if they try cracking my or anyone's work application. Below you can find...
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Building UI applications with PowerShell in Windows

All started some years ago when I created some Windows Shell scripts such as vbs/batch etc. to automate computer tasks at home and at the company I worked for. After that period, I started to integrate them within some PowerShell scripts. Some of those batch files converted to executables. Short time after I thought, hmm is there a way to build a beautifully crafted UI and bring all those scripts into a single executable without the need to install it? Well, I accepted that challenge and looked around for options. I was looking for a product I can rely on for all my needs such as 

• having a universal Scripting IDE for all my administrative as well as web-development tasks;
• having a Windows PowerShell integrated scripting and tool-making environment for x86/x64;
• In-house support or forum access to ask diverse tool making questions when struggling with any problems when using the software, the way I like;
• finally, not to be so expensive, to cover with one license two development machines and to be able to migrate easily the installation across devices when needed.

So, I came across Sapien Software. I went with their 45 days trial version and explored all those nice features they have developed over the years. Shortly after being amazed I went with the commercial license for Sapien PowerShell Studio 2018. Not long after, I needed to have a way to convert my Windows Batch and VBS files into executables, so I struggled shall I just buy additionally the PrimalScript or why not just upgrade to their Sapien Software Suite S3 2018/2019? So, I did, I bought the full Suite and it is fun playing around with the different included apps. Their S3 package is now better known as the Sapien DevOps 2019 Version. As of May 2019 and writing the blog post, the package includes the below separate applications:

PrimalScript is the leading Universal Scripting IDE for all your administrative and web-development tasks.
PowerShell Studio is the premier editor and tool-making environment for Windows PowerShell.
VersionRecall is the simplest way to manage multiple versions of files on your computer.
WMI Explorer discover WMI - get a handle on WMI classes and their properties and methods.
PrimalSQL makes database query development and testing a snap, regardless of your database type or vendor.
PrimalXML provides you with the core set of functionality that you need to get your job done.
PowerShell Module Manager is the essential tool for centrally managing all PowerShell modules installed on your machine.
PowerShell HelpWriter the first professionally designed environment for writing and editing Windows PowerShell help files.

Since 2018, I usually work using Sapien PowerShell Studio/PrimalScript/WMI Explorer/Version Recall. 

I am sharing below some screenshots about the happiness I have when using such powerful suite with tools at the fingertips. I am a happy user using the Dark Mode Template :).

PrimalScript overview, Dark UI
WMI Explorer overview, Dark UI

So, the app I tried building consist of the below functionality:


The Data is collected in csv/xls(x)/xml/txt/csv file formats. The exported data is set to be saved in the Current Directory where the App is run.

The file is set to look like: computername_x64/x86 Architecture. For example: MyPC-name__SUMMARY_WIN7_SP1_x64.txt .


Windows OS activations;
User rights;
Get events;
Scheduled Tasks;
Windows update log;
Network adapters;
Proxy Configuration settings
Deployment, servicing logs [ still under development and testing ].
Archive collected logs [ still under development and testing ].

• Changelog tab – more information about the application. Information about the help files / documentation etc.

• About the project tab - why I wanted to give it a try to create it ?

I listed below some screenshots of the application – AdminLogsToolkit, created for the x86 and x64 Platform.

Admin Logs Toolkit overview
Advanced Logs collecting
Generate System basic summary information
About the app
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Linux servers and Windows counterpart

Nowadays, the topic about privacy, user-friendliness and diversity of the operating systems is more relevant than ever. We have the Microsoft's Windows, the community driven Linux, the proprietary Android, Chrome OS, iOS and OSX (MacOS). Of course, each of them has its own dedicated fans and the dispute about the scalability and flexibility of the ...
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BSOD Analysis and Capture process dumps (MS external blog post)

For today's blog post I share with you a great Microsoft external blog posts how to do BSOD analysis and how to capture process dumps. I decided to share those helpful materials because of a meeting with colleagues and friends. Those people mentioned me they don't know how to proceed when they hit a bugcheck also known as B...
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CRO Strategies to Decrease Your Site’s Bounce Rate DRASTICALLY

If you want to increase your conversions, bringing down your site's bounce rate will give you a great head start.For those not in the know, here's a short definition of the term bounce rate: Simply put, it's the percentage of visitors who navigate away from a specific site after landing on one page.By that definition alone, it's not difficult to se...
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Change and Release Management

There are many classifications in ITIL and Agile alike. Different components of the methodologies include a variety of different actions, which are aiming to help the client better utilize its resources. Sometimes, these resources need updating or upgrading as part of the continuous improvement those frameworks are offering. Inevitably, this leads ...
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How to start with ITIL

Every start is an enormous stretch that needs to be put into effort to chase success. ITIL makes no difference and with time the process evolves into something more complex and difficult to guide. This complexity does not necessarily mean that the goals are accomplished with less effort or minimum disturbance due to the evolution of the framework. ...
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Basic Concepts of ITIL and Agile

​There has always been a debate which method of programming and manufacturing is the best. While we do not pretend to be experts, we will review two of the most popular ways in the last several decades of the modern industrial revolution. Normally they are regarded as methodologies or frameworks, but it is more precise to review them as a set of va...
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Uninstall integration services in 2008 R2 and Win7

How to uninstall the integration services in 2008 R2 / Windows 7 guests? Below the steps with additional informationMS Forums PostBefore uninstalling the integration Services below is the way of installing them from a disk.Start the Hyper-V management consoleStart and Connect to your Virtual MachineClick on Action > Insert Integration Services S...
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Cluster Network Name Fails to Come Online

Another important article sharing with you about "CNO is in a failed state" - "1207" - "Cluster Network Name Fails to Come Online" - "Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' cannot be brought online", "Unable to get Computer Object using GUID"Below are listed very important articles on a typical cluster down (production stop case): CNO can't b...
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Clear Persistent Reservation - cluster disk

Quick how to guide how to clear the persistence reservation and change cluster disk - when disks don't come onlineClear persistent reservationin PowerShell: Get-Disk lists all the disks and their corresponding status:Disk 1 onlineDisk 2 offlineDisk 3 onlineDisk 4 offline In order to clear the cluster persistent reservations in Powershell we execute...
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How to upgrade and downgrade the integration services Win2012/R2/2016

Another nice article on how to upgrade and downgrade the integration services for 2012 non-R2, 2012 R2 and Server 2016. In a previously defined article there was shown a way to upgrade/downgrade them on 2008/R2.Assuming you have a 2012 R2 Guest VM running and it is already upgraded to include the level of KB3063109 .Here in this blog post I will sh...
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Powershell and cmd commands, how to stop specific networking technologies, that are incompatible with nic teaming

NOTE: 1) Further below you will see how we can deactivate all forms of TCP Offload, as well as Trimming (which is not even a network technology but is related to various types of Windows Cluster issues) Below you can find how to deactivate the VMQ and RSS as well. 2) Last but not least there is a way to check out the MTU size of the adapters --- Th...
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The curious incident of missing system restore points

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting issue with System Restore in Windows 7 and I would like to share my experience how I solved the “seemingly” un...
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Additional RAID

Many have asked me how I actually can create and have an additional raid. Assuming you are using the Intel’s raid1 for mirroring of you system drives ...
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Useful terminal commands for Mac OS X

Hey there, As time passes with the speed of light I managed to prepare some new knowledge to share with you :) . Hope you like the new stuff and might...
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How to add domain users to local groups on Mac OS X

Hi, today I am going to show you how to add domain users to local groups on Mac OS X when you have to manage such devices in any corporate environment...
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log viewer for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager logs

Hi to all, today I will show you a quick way how to review logs from your SCCM2012 (System Center 2012 Configuration Manager) and any new versions too...
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Remove or hide Articles heading in Joomla

Hi to all and thanks for visiting this blog :). Today i will show you how to hide or remove from showing the Articles heading in Joomla 1.5/1.7/2.5 or...
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reboot windows server remotely if you can't access it via RDP

Hi and welcome back. Today i will show you how to reboot a windows server if you can't access it via RDP session. You have 2 options: Force remot...
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