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reboot windows server remotely if you can't access it via RDP

Hi and welcome back. Today i will show you how to reboot a windows server if you can't access it via RDP session.

You have 2 options: Force remotely a restart of the server via Computer Management. or using the DOS command prompt.

I. Do it using the Computer Management option.

1. Start a continuous ping to the server you want to restart (type "ping computername -t" in command prompt) Note: type that command in the command prompt without the quotes or you will get an error.
2. Click on the start button then go to computer / my computer, right click on My Computer, and select "Manage".
3. Right click on Comp Mgmnt, and select "Connect to another…".
4. Then type the server hostname or it's IP address, and hit "OK".
5. Right click on Comp Mgmnt again, and select "Properties".
6. Click "Advanced", then Startup and Rec "Settings", "Shutdown".
7. Select: Action: Restart" and "Force Apps Closed: Always".
8. Press "OK" and watch the pings stop from the server.
That's it.
II. do it using the DOS command prompt.
1. Verify and make sure your account has administrative privileges on the remote machine.
2. Open the command prompt: Click "Start", then "Run", type "cmd", hit Enter.
3. Type the following command, replacing ComputerName with the actual computer name or it's IP address:
shutdown /m \\ComputerName /r /t 01 /y /f

below is shown what all means:

/m\\ComputerName - Specifies the remote computer to shut down. If you omit this parameter, the local computer name is used.
/r - Used to restart the computer instead of completely shutting it down.
/t xx - Used to specify the time (in seconds) to wait to shut down/restart. Default is 20.
/y - Used to force a "yes" answer to all queries from the computer.
/f - Used to quit all running programs. If you use this switch, Windows forces all programs that are running to quit. The option to save any data that may have changed is ignored. This can result in data loss in any programs for which data is not previously saved.
Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like it share it. If you have any questions just use the contact form. Thank you for you feedback. I appreciate it.


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