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- Timeline -

I am decommissioning this project after 8 awesome years of experience I gained while developing it. It is a hard and sort of sad time for me, but I have to do this now to continue developing my DevSecOps and QA skills. During the years, I have achieved so many things while striving for further knowledge, experience, testing, debugging as well as doing J! Translations. I wouldn't have made this possible without the constructive valuable feedback I've received by my family, friends and partners I met in the Joomla community over the years. So, thank you all for making it possible and being part of $this->'Journey'.

For the New Year, I wish you and your families more luck, happiness and opportunities in your personal and professional lives. Also, have in mind that the best and beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched - those you can feel with your Heart. Catch the Moment and Create Opportunities!


JANUARY 2021, Decommission Change ongoing
8 Amazing years of development were done thanks to my family, friends & partners I have met in the journey.

2019-2020, Get-IP-Data-to-Excel developed in Sapien DevOps Suite using API ( integration
Portable Powershell GUI app to read external IPv4/domains txt file, query it via JSON REST API HTTPS & create XLSX using PowerShell Import-Excel/DFinke module. Protected by Obsidium too

FEB 2018, AdminLogsToolkit developed in Sapien DevOps Suite
Portable Powershell GUI app to collect Windows specific logs for troubleshooting, developed primarily for DevSecOps & Sysadmins. Protected using Obsidium :)

MAY 2017, Wallpapers for all sizes fan designs for your Phone, Tablet, Desktops :)

APRIL 2017, API integration & encrypted backups on S3 Blob Storage in Switzerland
From local backups to expanding to a third backup location - S3 Cloud Blob Storage & API integration for encrypted backups

MARCH 2017, Major hosting upgrade
From shared hosting to dedicated VPS with load balancing capabilities enabled

FEBRUARY 2017, Joomla community expansion
Met wonderful Joomla community members & web developers

JUNE 9, 2016, Limited edition mugs
For the Family, Bloggers, Bug hunters & People creating Opportunities.

APRIL 11, 2016, Amazing people are joining the project
New people are joining the project.

MARCH 2016, new Framework & more possibilities
Researching for a faster feature-rich Framework with latest technologies for the site (UIKit), testing and implementation.

JANUARY 9, 2016, 3 years :)
Birthday - Jan 9.

FEBRUARY 18, 2015, Implemented a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Researching, testing & implementation of the final CDN solution while maintaining httpS encrypted traffic

2014, Responsive design integration
The site looks perfect on different device sizes.

MARCH 2013, New articles have been uploaded
New articles have been uploaded - English, Bulgarian, German

JANUARY 9, 2013, The idea about a Blog & dev/test platform was born. Version 1.0 released.
Hello world. :)